Crystal Tech Ltd. LAN and WLAN

A user’s network consists of both wired devices (that make up the LAN) and wireless devices (that make up the WLAN). With the increase in wireless technology a LAN is incomplete without wireless capability. This is where our updated approach to networking leverages the current technology to offer clients quality and secure connections inside their production networks

Crystal Technologies Limited is one of the leading LAN and WLAN service providers in Nairobi. We have partnered with industry leading network gear manufacturers to offer our clients quality setups and supports for both LAN and WLAN.

In many situations, a wireless LAN is preferable to a wired LAN connection because of its flexibility and cost savings, as it isn’t necessary to run cabling throughout a building.

Whichever approach a client chooses, or a hybrid of the two which is most cases, Crystal implements well thought-out designs that center on user requirements.

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