CCTV & Offsite Storage (Cloud)

Crystal Tech Ltd. CCTV & Cloud Storage

At Crystal Technologies Limited, we focusing on helping companies and individuals secure their property at an affordable price. We offer quality and effective CCTV surveillance services in Kenya at a customer-friendly price. Expect nothing short of a robust video security system, 24/7 onsite and offsite support and great service without breaking the bank.

Our CCTV surveillance systems are flexible allowing you to access them from your mobile phone or a central control room. Our CCTV security solution are easy to install making it even easier to use. They are not only affordable but also more accurate and reliable.

Business can now leverage our offsite storage solutions considering it is the smartest way to store your CCTV video footage. The offsite CCTV storage is undoubtedly affordable to install, a perfect back-up for onsite storage, saves a large amount of data at a pocket friendly cost, it is safe and easily accessible from any given point.

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