Biometrics & Access Control

Crystal Tech Ltd. Biometrics & Access Control

Crystal Technologies installs robust access control system that ensure limit access to your business, offices, parking garage, or whichever place you want. With controlled access systems, businesses can monitor check-in and check-out, record activity of people entering their premise and regulate access in the workplace. These systems can be used to track time for payroll, grant temporary access to visitors, and much more.

Our physical access control systems (PACS) are a type of physical security designed to restrict or allow access to a certain area or building. Often, PACS are installed in order to protect businesses and property from vandalism, theft, and trespassing, and are especially useful in facilities that require higher levels of security and protection.

To ensure no security breaches we install physical access control systems with the following components:

Access Point – entry point
Personal Credentials – eg keycard entry systems, encrypted badges etc.
Reader – authenticating device
Control Panel – most modern controllers are software in servers

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